Specifications About Window Film


Fade Make Up Chart

Fading is caused by four characteristics of the sun’s rays:

  1. Ultra violet rays are the single largest part of the fade factor. They account for 40% of fade whether it is sunny or cloudy outside.
  2. Visible light (glare) accounts for another 25% of the fading.
  3. Heat, that you feel on you body accounts for another 25%.
  4. Miscellaneous (little control) means fabric color fastness, humidity, artificial lighting, etc.


The Sun’s Energy can do three things to glass:

  1. Transmit through the pane of glass.
  2. Reflect off of the glass.
  3. Absorb into the glass.

We have many types of film which will control these three aspects of solar energy in differing amounts. A safe film applications will reduce fading from 40% to 75%, reduce heat buildup from 30% to 75%, and reduce glare from 35% to 75%. The end results of this is lower energy cost, more comfortable rooms with less glare and fading.